A Wood Destroying Insect Report, or a WDIR, is an important inspection that your agent may require before you buy a home. This report, completed by professionals at May Exterminating provides peace of mind for home buyers. You’ll know your prospective home is free of any wood destroying insects or if problems are found, you’ll have the opportunity to address and resolve them prior to purchasing the home.

Prior to buying a home, inspections are completed. A WDIR is just another, valuable inspection to give you the confidence that your new home is fit to purchase! An agent requesting a WDIR’s completion is ensuring that no carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, termites, and other damaging pests are inside the home.

A WDIR will answer these questions: Is there any evidence of a wood-destroying insect infestation? If so, is there evidence that the infestation has been treated previously?

In North Carolina, any evidence of wood destroying insects is considered an infestation if found in, on, or under the home, even if it does not appear to be a present infestation.

Request a WDIR with this link, and May Exterminating will provide a thorough inspection of your prospective home.