Ignoring Termites Can Cost You Dearly

Termites may seem harmless because they’re extremely small and don’t carry diseases, however, if they get into your house, they can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. In fact, termites cause over $2 billion worth of damage annually in the United States. They are extremely useful in the forest as they help in breaking down dead wood, but in a house, it’s a different story.


What will termite damage cost me?

On an average, termites cause around $3,000 worth of structural damage, but this amount can vary depending on the extent of damage and where the damage was caused. Termites also cause cosmetic damage such as discoloration to the tune of $2,000 depending on the material that was damaged. Once termites have invaded your house, you can no longer resort to spot treatment to take care of them, you must use a full home treatment.

If a termite infestation goes unnoticed, they can eat into the structural beams of your house which can cause it to collapse. This can cause massive damage and it’s extremely difficult to replace beams without ripping out ceilings and walls. Most homeowner policies don’t cover this and if the building is structurally unsafe, the municipality can force the homeowners to move until the house has been professionally repaired.


Get your house inspected.

Why should you spend thousands of dollars to repair termite damage when you can spend a small amount to have your home inspected? Just because you don’t see termites doesn’t mean they haven’t invaded your house.


Why do I need a termite contract?

With a termite contract, your house will be inspected at least once a year to see if there are any signs of termites. If signs of termites are found, our technicians will discuss the next steps with you. A termite contract gives you the confidence of knowing that if termites arise in your home, they will be found and treated promptly.


When to start a termite inspection contract?

Now is always the best time to start a termite contract. Seeing is believing doesn’t hold true when it comes to termites. A termite inspection is much better than termite extermination for both your wallet and your safety. Contact May Exterminating and schedule your termite inspection today.