It’s no secret to us that people like to think they can save some money by buying some products at the hardware store to “solve” their pest problems. Exterminators need special training and instruction to be certified to do what we do. People who make pest control a DIY project don’t have this training, meaning their project will most likely not yield the results they hope for.

In order to eliminate a pest problem, you need to understand the scope of the problem. Many people do not realize that when you see a pest, it is rarely a one and done situation. Typically, if you see one pest (mouse, moth, ant, spider, ect.) there are others lurking where you can’t see them. The problem is commonly bigger than you think. Also, what many people don’t know is that pests infesting your home are smarter than you think they are.

Without knowing about the pests, it’s hard to properly treat for the pests. Without being an expert, there is no guarantee you are looking or treating the right areas. Exterminators know pests, it’s their job. They will know where to look and where to put the traps for the best results.

What many people tend not to understand is that just because you eliminated the pests you can see does not mean you have eliminated the problem. Chances are the pests will come back. Figuring out how to prevent future infestations is a lot more work than eliminating the visible pests.

Human error is extremely common when trying to handle pest control on your own. Whether it’s because you didn’t take time to fully read the directions, or you read them, but decided to tweak them because you felt you knew better, mistakes happen. Outsmarting a pest whose life depends on avoiding danger is not an easy task.

Not all off the shelf pesticides are as safe as the ones used by exterminating companies. That skull and cross bone image on the can is there for a reason. If not used properly these chemicals can be damaging. Leaving the job to the professionals is the safest and best option for pest control. Call (910)-455-5888 and one of May Exterminating’s trained and friendly technicians will be happy to help with your pest control needs.