If you’ve experienced recurring pest problems, you know how frustrating that can be.  Here are some reasons why those pesky little critters may keep coming back.

Entry Points

No matter what you do inside your home, if you have an entry point left open, pests will still come inside. Entry points can be near windows and doors, but they can also be cracks in your foundation or gaps around vents or outlets. Pests can fit through tiny spaces, too. Did you know a rat can fit through a hole as small as a quarter? Make a habit of periodically inspecting your home for cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps that could welcome pests.


When the weather gets rough outside, pests will try to come inside. As the seasons change, you may experience pest problems you thought you’d eradicated. Events like hurricanes and other storms can also drive pests to seek shelter. This shelter doesn’t even need to be your home — the pile of wood on your back stoop, or the trashcans on the side of your house, are all shelters that pests could inhabit. Once they establish a home near yours, they can begin to creep inside.

Be sure to store firewood away from the house and clean up debris as soon as you can. Make the outside of your home as uninviting to pests as possible.


Pests look for food more often than shelter. The kinds of food pests are looking for may not look like food to you. In addition to human and pet food, pests will eat books, wallpaper, clothes, and other insects. Clean up after cooking to remove crumbs or residue on your counters. Store all food in airtight containers. Throw away food that is no longer good and take the trash out regularly!

Ineffective Pest Control

If you tried DIY pest control or used store-bought traps, chances are, you didn’t fully get rid of the problem. This is a common problem when moving into a new home since you don’t know what the previous tenants did for pest control. It’s always a good idea to consult the professionals at May Exterminating. We can get rid of your pest problems, for good. We get the job done the first time, and keep your home free of pests!

May Exterminating offers a wide range of pest control, so whether you have a pest problem or just want to maintain your pest-free home, we’re here for you.