Moisture control is exactly what it sounds like – controlling the moisture levels of your home. It is important to control the level of moisture in your home because if the levels are too high it can cause problems such as mold growth and health issues. Some moisture is normal, however too much can be detrimental to the home and to your health. 

Internal moisture levels should never exceed 20%. This can be measured by purchasing a hygrometer. If levels are higher than 20% a dehumidifier is recommended for your home. If levels are lower than 20% a humidifier is recommended. Moisture levels in the crawl space, where wood beams help form the foundation of your home, should never exceed 19-20%.

Possible warning signs of increased moisture in your crawl space include: indoor humidity and condensation, crawl space condensation, and rot forming in floor joints. If any of these are noticed, your crawl space moisture levels need to be checked as soon as possible. Don’t delay, an increase in moisture levels can cause damage and health issues.

By calling our team at May Exterminating, one of our trained technicians will come to your home and conduct a moisture reading. If high levels are detected the technician will advise you on the suggested next steps. Commonly, the next step includes one of our workers placing a crawl space dehumidifier in the moist area and sealing it off. This should remove the excess moisture from the area in the crawl space.

One month after the installation of the crawl space dehumidifier, we will return to perform another moisture reading to determine if the issue has been resolved – the next steps depend on the results of the follow up moisture reading. The goal of our thorough inspections is to keep you informed and safe.

If you are concerned about the moisture levels of your home, call 910-455-5888 and let one of our trained technicians help keep your home safe.