The cold months are past us, and it’s time to head outside and work on the long-awaited spring projects – laying stone for a floating patio, jumping straight into potting new plants, or even relaxing in the sunshine!  It’s then, you may notice some of your wood trim is crumbling, rotted, and soft to the touch.  You have termites!  Now what?

1.  Don’t Panic. Termites are treatable and even moderate termite damage can be fixed.  Termites can cause upwards of $3,000 of damage in one infestation, so early detection is best.

2. Don’t Disturb Them. Termites operate with tunnels and nests.  If you decide to disturb them by trying to solve the problem yourself, you may collapse the tunnels which hinders fully eradicating them.  This could unintentionally force them to relocate to another portion of your home causing further damage in the long run.

3. Call a Professional. May Exterminating has skilled technicians with years of experience treating and eradicating termites.  Our technicians will create a tailored plan of action to treat the infestation.  If you’re unsure there is termite damage, we will perform a free inspection and provide a no-obligation quote. 

4. Continue Inspections. Routine assessments and inspections can help any future outbreaks of termites. Preventative measures are the only thing that can truly rid your home of termites and other pests. 

No one wants termites to ruin your spring or your projects.  Contact May Exterminating before a small termite problem becomes an infestation.