Every home purchase requires inspections and appraisals.  One important part of this process is the termite inspection or Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR).  An inspection of this nature is designed to ensure home buyers are not unknowingly purchasing a property with wood-destroying insect problems.   A problem can cost homeowners thousands of dollars, so this inspection is critical to the sale.  It is important for a trusted realtor to have a reliable inspector for closings.  A realtor who cares about their clients will also want to ensure the homeowner understands what that inspection includes and what it does not include.


For the WDIR inspections, you want to partner with a company that has a great reputation for service, reliability and responsiveness with other realtors.  May Exterminating takes pride on speedy scheduling, thorough inspections, and treatments.   Our technicians care for each house as if it was their own.  

Partnering with a reputable exterminating company for inspections protects your reputation as a realtor.  You won’t have to worry about sub-par service or delays to your closing process.  


Fair pricing for termite/WDIR inspections is important for you and your home buyer.  If any issues are found, an analysis of damage is provided along with an estimate for costs of treatment.  This ensures you can properly inform home buyers.  Realtors who partner with a company like May Exterminating benefit from rapid and accurate information for their customers. 

Multi-Faceted Providers

At May Exterminating, a termite/WDIR is one service from a full suite of options available.  We have skilled technicians in every area of inspection and treatment for pest-free homes. Some of our services include quarterly pest control services, moisture control, bed bug treatments, pre-construction termite treatments, and of course wood destroying insect reports (WDIRs).

Homeowner Understanding

A realtor that provides excellent service to their clients will want to ensure that the closing process – which can already feel overwhelming to the home buyer – doesn’t leave them with unanswered questions or misunderstandings later.  Home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, often do not realize that their inspection and WDIR include a year’s worth of termite coverage for their home.  They can simply continue that coverage for the life of their home ownership each year at very economical rates. 

What is not included with their closing paperwork?  Regular pest control services to keep spiders, roaches, ants and other insects out of their home.  May Exterminating offers these services quarterly to home owners who want a pest-free home at a low rate of $75 per quarter.  Treatments are safe for families and ensure that life in their new home is enjoyable without unwanted “guests.” 

May Exterminating has a good standing relationship with many realtors in the NC coastal region.  We’re here to serve realtors in the region with same-day or next-day service and the utmost attention to detail and quality.  If you – or your home buyer – have questions about keeping termites and other pests out of their home, give us a call.  We’re here to serve.