During hurricane season, homeowners put in a lot of work to protect their homes and families from storms. One facet of maintenance often overlooked during storm season, in preparation for and recovery from storms, is pest control. While it may not be as high on the list as covering your windows and prepping the generator, pest control is especially important during hurricane season.

Standing water in the yard, downed trees, excess debris, and damage to your home all invite pests to invade your property. Follow these tips to keep your home pest-free, even after a hurricane.


It’s best to inspect your home for any vulnerabilities before there are any looming storms. Check for cracks in your foundation or structural damage that could worsen with a storm. Use caulk to fill any gaps that you find, fix leaks, and store garbage and debris away from your house. Also, be sure that any rain or flooding that comes your way has a clear path to drain away from your home.

Drain standing water

Pooled water brings mosquitoes, a pest that’s already particularly bothersome in the summer. It also attracts termites and roaches. After flooding or a heavy storm, dump any standing water that you can. Clear gutters of debris, empty bird baths or kiddie pools, pour rainwater out of your trash cans, etc.

Remove Rotten Food

Pests seek food after a storm. While you may no longer want the food that was in your fridge before you lost power, rodents, roaches, and flies will be attracted to it, even if it’s rotten. Empty out any soiled food from your fridge and freezer in sealed bags or containers, and place the garbage can far away from your home if possible.

Inspect for Rotting Wood

If your home suffers any structural damage, you will be susceptible to rotting wood, which can attract termites. Termites will cause further damage and can further threaten the structural integrity of your home. After the storm, take a careful look around your home for signs of rotting wood. Ensure it is removed and repairs are made as soon as possible.

Clear Out Critters

While inspecting your home, also check for any new holes or crevices. Critters like raccoons, rats, mice, birds, and others will seek shelter during storms, and any place that they may fit could become their new hiding place. Identify any signs of damage and have them repaired as soon as possible.

Finally, always consult with an exterminating professional if you think you may have any kind of pest problem! May Exterminating is here for your family as you navigate the turbulence of hurricane season.