Spring is the season for change, and in the Crystal Coast region, it often seems it's the season for changing houses. With transient communities surrounding military bases, seasonal homes at the beach, and the general ebb and flow of the housing market, realty agents are always busy. Home inspections are an integral part of closing any housing contract. A Wood Destroying Insect Report is often required before the purchase of a home.  Agents use this as an invaluable tool to protect the buyer from a termite infested home, and it helps sellers solve any termite damage before putting their home on the market. 

A WDIR can detect carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, termites, and other damaging pests making it important for agents to consider getting a WDIR sooner rather than later.

With May Exterminating, we make it easy to complete a WDIR.  On our website, there is a quick link for agents to fill out a customized request for a Wood Destroying Insect Report.  We ask a bit of information about the sale, such as how to get access of the house to perform the inspection and information about who gets the WDIR when completed.

The online submission is designed to make an agent’s job easier and more efficient.  Once we receive the WDIR submission, our staff will put it into the schedule for the next available appointment.  We will handle your WDIR quickly and efficiently and submit the completed WDIR to the appropriate parties.

At May Exterminating, we know agents have large caseloads and need to dedicate time to both homeowners and buyers.  We can help lighten the load by offering this efficient way to obtain Wood Destroying Insect Reports.  Let May Exterminating work for you