Have you ever been startled to find a wasp nest while you are out in your yard? Was it in an unexpected place? Here are some of the more unusual places wasps have made their homes.

When wasps set up camp, they are looking for a few specific things. They want to build their nest in sheltered, hidden locations with easy access to the outdoors. This typically looks like bushes, trees, walls, attics or crawl spaces, underneath structure overhangs, and some types of wasp even build underground.

When they pick a spot, wasps won’t know that it’s unusual for them to be there. They just found a sheltered location with easy access to the outdoors. Here are some uncommon places wasp nests have been found:

  • In a bike helmet
  • On a ladder
  • In a watering can
  • In the engine of a car
  • In the front seat of a car
  • In a dollhouse
  • In a dog’s ball launcher toy
  • Hanging off door handles
  • Hanging on a hammock
  • In a pink flamingo

Be careful during the spring and summer months. Anything stored outside is fair game for wasps. Keep your eye out for wasps and make sure children know to stay away if they find any while playing. For more prevention and safety tips, see the Watch for Wasps post.