As summer fades and the temperature will begin to lower, you and your family will be able to enjoy plenty of time in and outside the comfort of your home. Your home is inviting to your family in the fall, but it’s also inviting to pests. Pests like spiders, rodents, and cockroaches are around all year. Use these tips and tricks to manage fall pests in and outside of your home!

Make Repairs While You Can

Missing shingles, cracks or gaps around the home, and faulty windows are just some of the opportunities pests may take to come in. Before cooler weather comes, make sure to repair anything you need to while you can. Always remember to inspect the exterior of your home regularly, especially after a storm. Small crevices and gaps are warm and inviting to pests looking for shelter during changing weather. 

Eliminate Clutter

Pests are attracted to things like crumbs, debris, and trash because they provide sustenance, shelter, or both. Clean up after your family in the kitchen, and take the trash out when it’s full. Be sure to store garbage and firewood away from the structure of your house. As fall brings the leaves on your trees to the ground, rake and dispose of the dead foliage. 

Keep Moisture Away

Moisture always attracts pests, so be diligent in minimizing the moisture around your home this fall. Inside, keep attics, crawl spaces, and basements well ventilated—use a dehumidifier in particularly humid spaces. Check your gutters and drainage system for clogs, as fall leaves can get trapped, pooling moisture around your home.