During hurricane season, it is important to know that your home is still protected after the rain and flooding. Flooding can affect exterior termite treatments when treated soil is washed away or mud, soil, or sand is deposited on top of previously treated areas. If you are replacing damaged wood that was previously treated, it opens a future threat to termite damage. May Exterminating is a pest management professional capable of fully assessing your home’s damage to determine if extreme weather events compromised termite protection.

Flooding does not typically affect your recent termite treatment especially when professionals use liquid and bait formulas capable of withstanding short periods under standing water.

However, there are certain situations where you might want to consider retreatment. Fast moving water and soil erosion or displacement next to the foundation of your home could result in the removal of termiticide treated soil and may require retreatment. Also, look for structural damage such as movement in foundation walls, porches, and other structural elements.

In accordance with EPA PR Notice 96-7 termiticide labels allow for retreatment if disruption of the treated soil has taken place: "Retreatment for subterranean termites can only be performed if there is clear evidence of reinfestation or disruption of the barrier due to construction, excavation, or landscaping and/or evidence of the breakdown of the termiticide barrier in the soil. These vulnerable or reinfested areas may be retreated in accordance with application techniques described in this product's labeling. The timing and type of these retreatments will vary, depending on factors such as termite pressure, soil types, soil conditions and other factors which may reduce the effectiveness of the barrier.”

Homeowners should contact their pest management professionals for a complete evaluation of these areas to determine if additional treatment is needed. Check with your insurance company to determine if your policy covers restoring termite protection around your home.


Information on Termite Treatments and Flooding provided by the National Pest Management Association.