Keeping your home free of pests is something homeowners may not think about until they see pests and rodents in their home.  You see creepy-crawlers, but what do you do?

Choosing a pest control company you feel comfortable with is important.  Not only do you want reliability and effective service, you also want to know you can trust the technicians in your home. 

We offer a few key guidelines when measuring the trust of our technicians.

Experience & Knowledge: Our company has been in business since 1963.  We have experienced technicians that are licensed, certified, and registered.  This fully equips them to carry out structural pest control for all our clients.  When looking for a company you can trust, make sure you know the qualifications of your technician.

Word of Mouth:   Word of mouth is one of the most credible forms of determining the reputation of a business and its employees.  People talk – so you know when customers experience something far above what was expected or something sadly below standard.    If you’re hearing great things from reliable sources, it gives you confidence you can trust the company. 

Keeping Promises:  Keeping our promise is a prime goal.  Our pest control technicians call to let you know when they will arrive.  If something happens to delay them, they will call and let you know the new ETA.  We guarantee our work and if there are any problems will quickly respond. 

Attention to details: During the inspection of the house, the technician pays careful attention to details. Physical evidence is sometimes scant or ambiguous.  Our technicians will take the time to ensure they have all the facts to determine the problem and best solution. 

Reasoning Skills: Identification of the type of pest, where it is concentrated, and the best method to eliminate it is key.  Understanding the business balanced with experience make our technicians the best.  They can properly mix the chemicals needed to eradicate the problem and do so without harm to the environment, pets, and residents. 

Customer Services:  We’re here to serve you.  We’re available to answer your questions as well as make suggestions to help you keep your home pest free.  Our technicians are knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful.   They should always explain what they’re doing, why, and what results it should produce.

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