Spring is an ideal time to start thinking about pest prevention and pest control measures, but by summer time, it’s even more critical that you have a plan in place. During the winter, many pests go into hibernation or die off, but as the weather warms up, they become more active and begin to reproduce. This means that spring is the perfect time to take action to prevent infestations from occurring, and by summer, it could almost be too late!

Here are some maintenance tips to help prevent pests all summer long.

Remove Standing Water and Debris

Removing standing water and debris is a crucial step in preventing pest infestations during spring and summer. Pests like mosquitoes, flies, and rodents are attracted to stagnant water and cluttered areas as breeding grounds. Eliminating standing water and keeping your yard free of debris, helps you reduce the number of pests on your property.

Check for Deteriorating Shingles, Steps, etc.

Rotting and deteriorating wood and shingles are essentially bait for termites and other pests. Make time to thoroughly check out your property and take inventory of any signs of decay. Repair as needed!

Clean the Grill

Food residue is attractive to many kinds of pests! Before hosting any summer barbecues, make sure to deep clean your grill. Once summer is in full swing, be sure to clean it after each use to keep pests away.

Always Clean Up After Cooking & Eating

Both inside and outside, pests find food and come crawling. Clean up after every meal indoors and outside. Ants and cockroaches are just some of the pests you could find in your home if crumbs and food residue are left behind.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

Overgrown greenery provides shelter to pests of all kinds. Keep your shrubs, bushes, and trees well-groomed to eliminate hiding places. Branches that touch the structure of your house can also be avenues to enter your home! Trim branches to have at least a few feet between your home and the ends of them.


Woods like cypress and cedar are great for repelling bugs! Use mulch in your flower beds to help repel critters around your home this spring and summer.