While silverfish can remain active all year long, they are especially important to be aware of during the holiday season. Silverfish like to eat paper and cardboard so once you’ve opened this year’s presents be sure to recycle the wrapping materials right away to keep silverfish and other pests at bay.

What are silverfish?

If you’ve ever seen these pests crawling around, you know why they’re called silverfish. These scaly insects are typically silver or gun metal in color and they’re shaped like a teardrop (or tiny fish). They love humid areas so you’ll find them in attics, bathrooms, and basements. They can live for up to three years and they like to hide in walls, cracks, or subfloors until they go looking for food.

Are Silverfish a Problem?

Silverfish are generally considered nuisance pests because they don’t harm humans. They don’t bite or spread disease. They do, however like to eat paper, cardboard, clothing, and pantry staples like oats and flour. They can eat through books, boxes, and wallpaper.

How to Prevent a Silverfish Infestation

Prevention is the best way to protect your home against silverfish. These tips can help you do just that:

  • Store pantry items in airtight containers
  • Vacuum regularly, especially in dining areas
  • Use exhaust vents while cooking and bathing
  • Seal entry points in your home such as cracks and crevices with caulk or weather stripping
  • Consider a dehumidifier for your home, if moisture is consistently present
  • Avoid Storing things like books and documents in your attic or basement

Already Dealing with a Silverfish Infestation?

Silverfish can be tricky to manage once they’ve established themselves in your home or business. They also like to hide from humans, so it may be a while before you even notice they’re there. Things like sticky traps, and locating specific infested areas may be necessary to control a silverfish problem. It may help to make your home as uncomfortable for silverfish as possible. They like it humid, so removing excess humidity in the home will help disrupt their routine. You can also eliminate their access to food sources by reducing clutter and storing food properly. Sealing cracks may also help by removing their shelter. If you find that you need help controlling your silverfish infestation, we’re happy to help.