Termites won’t carry your house off, but they can cause major amounts of damage if they remain undetected.  Even the smallest amount of termite damage can create over $3000 in repair and replacement! Knowing the signs of termite damage can help save your house and your finances.  A little bit of knowledge and using your God-given senses can help prevent disaster.   


●     Little White Ants” might seem peculiar and out of the norm – they are, because they’re termites! Do not get them confused with abnormal carpenter ants. Termites are light in color, creamy white, or translucent.

●     “Flying Termites.” This is one of the first signs of infestation.  The male termites can fly, and they fly when they are leaving their current nest to seek out a new home – quite possibly in yours!

●     Frass-Or termite droppings are produced by dry wood termites.  They appear in the form of small black powder dots close to holes burrowed in wood.  

●     Termite shelter tubes are protective tunnels that termites build to go to and from places with ease and safety, bringing with them moisture and more termites.  They are sandy in color and usually contain moisture


●     Termites make a quiet clicking noise to signal danger to one another, and this can be heard coming from inside your walls.  The woodworkers are noisy eaters and the sound of munching can be heard with your ear pressed up against infested wood. 

●     Termites burrow and eat from the inside out, leaving hollow pieces of wood.  If you tap a piece of wood and it sounds open and hollow, this is a tell-tale sign termites are present.


●     If the wood is warped, saggy, riddle with holes, or falling apart at the slightest touch, this is termite damage at its peak.

If any of these signs seem to fit the criteria in your home, call a termite expert immediately!  May Exterminating can give you a comprehensive plan to eradicate the termites infesting your home.  If you’re unsure the problem is termites, give us a call, and let us do an inspection. Don’t risk your home to termite damage.