Over the last 380 million years, spiders have evolved into one of the most mysterious and talked about crawling creatures. Science says that the very first spider lived 150 million years before dinosaurs. Many historical documents including the Bible have references to spiders. In western culture, spiders are associated with dark themes and get a bad rap.  But that’s not always the case in other places.  Here are 7 Spider Proverbs from around the world.

Seven Spider Proverbs

  1. The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in the king’s palaces. – Proverbs 30:28
  2. When spiders unite, they can tie up a lion. – Ethiopian Proverb
  3. The spider and the fly can't make a deal. – Jamaican Proverb
  4. Words are like the spiders web: a shelter for the clever ones and a trap for the not so clever.  – Madagascar Proverb
  5. Friends tie their purses with a spider's web. – Italian Proverb
  6. To destroy the cobweb, destroy the spider. – Maltese Proverb
  7. He avoided the fly and swallowed the spider. – Portuguese Proverb

Whether you appreciate the beauty of their webs or cringe when you see one, we’re here to help keep them out of your home or office.  We have our own spider saying:  No spiders, no problem!