Kids, and sometimes dogs and adults love to jump into leaf piles. Here are some creepy critters that also love those piles to be aware of.


These disease-ridden little guys are still around when the leaves begin to fall. To prevent them from being in your yard in the first place, keep grass trimmed and rake regularly.


One of the creepiest things you could find in a leaf pile is a centipede or millipede. While millipedes don’t bite, they’re enough to freak you out if you jump in a leaf pile with them. Centipedes can bite though, so be careful!


You may find a harmless garden spider or something even scarier in a leaf pile. Always use caution when playing in nature.


Something that would probably make anybody jump would be finding a snake curled up in a pile of leaves you just jumped in! Piled up leaves provide the perfect hiding place for a snake to hang out so keep a lookout!



Here are a few tips to help make sure these creepy critters aren’t waiting for you in your leaf pile.
• Keep an eye out while raking
• Only jump in leaf piles the day they are raked
• Only jump in dry leaf piles
Also, always wear gloves when handling leaves!


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