Pest invasions in your home or yard are common when the seasons change. When you see insects in or around your home, you can get the help of a professional exterminating company or try to manage the problem yourself. There are multitudes of products available for DIY insect control – so many that it can feel a bit overwhelming.  Which is the best?  Which is safe for your family and pets?  How long are they effective?  How do you safely apply the product? 


There are definite benefits to hiring a pest control specialist. 


Save Time and Money

Professional exterminators use the best and latest products, methods, and tools to remove pests from your property. They know what works, what’s safe and if there are any special considerations or safety precautions needed.  Hiring a professional saves time and effort.  It can also save you money.  This is particularly true with inspections to prevent termite or other wood destroying insects.  An infestation can cost thousands of dollars in damage and treatment costs.  Trusted professional exterminators will provide you with cost effective solutions that are efficient in getting rid of pests and provide inspection plans that protect your home for the future.  


Use fewer chemicals

Products commonly available from retail stores and hardware stores are often filled with chemicals that can be harmful to your home, the environment and your health. Professional exterminators use fewer chemicals to get rid of pests, which is better for your family and pets as well.   

Finds the source of infestation

Treating the symptom (insects you see) without getting to the source of the infestation, produces limited results.  Many DIY tactics and products are ineffective in reaching the source of the infestation. If you fail to find the source, pests will return. Professional exterminators are trained and will find the source of the infestation and eliminate it to reduce the likelihood of recurrent problems.


Long-term solutions

One of the best advantages of choosing professional pest control service is their cost-effective and long-term solutions. DIY solutions only temporarily fix the problem and they may not deliver the right results.  With a professional service contract, your home is routinely inspected, treated and protected. 


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