The holidays bring you and your loved ones closer together to celebrate. You’ll share laughs, exchange gifts, and enjoy lots of good food. While you’re making memories, you might be making your kitchen and pantry more attractive to pests! With all the holiday cooking, baking, and eating… crumbs, spills, and more may stick around inviting critters to come in.

To keep your kitchen and pantry pest-free this holiday season, here are 3 simple tips to implement.

Use Air-Tight Storage

The best way to store your food is in air tight containers. Opened packages in your pantry can draw pests, so it’s important to seal everything properly. Keeping your food in air tight containers not only helps with keeping pests out of your pantry and food, but it also helps keep food fresher longer. 

Clean Pantry Regularly

Even if your pantry looks clean when you check it, it’s important to periodically do a deep clean. Remove all items before disinfecting, sweeping, and decluttering your pantry. The smallest trace of food particles and residue can attract pests, so be sure to clean as much of your space as you can, including the walls.

Use Bay Leaves

Bay leaves give off a scent that is incredibly unattractive to many pests. Place a few leaves in or near rice, flour, and other dry goods.  They can also be placed under trash cans or in bins and drawers to help repel unwanted pests.