As we move into the colder months, pests will continue to creep into the warmth of your home. Just as curling up by the fire sounds appealing to your family, critters are looking for warmth, too. Though many pests are relatively inactive during the winter, if they get into your home seeking warmth, they will likely cause more serious problems in the spring. Make sure to pest proof your home for the winter to keep your family safe all year round!

Here are 5 tips for pest proofing for winter.

Store all your food in airtight containers. Just as pests are looking for warmth, they are looking for food. Make food inaccessible to pests with airtight containers. An added bonus is your food will stay fresher, longer!

Check for cracks in your foundation and molding, and fill them if necessary. Insects can squeeze into your home through even the thinnest of gaps, and rodents can sneak in too. Inspect the exterior of your home, unfinished spaces, and any entry points for possible gaps.

Install weather stripping. The perimeters of doors and windows are easy access points for pests. Add weather stripping to seal off these areas. Weatherstripping is also another layer of insulation and can stop hot air from escaping.

Trim trees and bushes. The greenery in your yard is likely home to a few critters already. Tidy up the trees and bushes so that the branches don’t come in contact with your house to prevent pests from moving indoors.

Clear any debris and store firewood away from your home. Piles of leaves, firewood, garbage, and any other debris are all places where pests may take shelter. Make your property an undesirable spot for pests to inhabit by clearing your yard. If you have firewood, make sure to store it away from the house.