Fall is fast approaching, which means cooler temperatures and, unfortunately, one of the most active seasons for pests. While you may expect that pests will move indoors with the colder weather, pests are still very active outdoors. This means that maintaining your outdoor spaces is just as important in the fall as it is in the summer! Outdoor maintenance will keep your outdoor living spaces usable and any pest problem in your yard at bay, so, in the fall there are fewer pests to find their way into your home.

Do not stop lawn maintenance when summer ends. Grass typically continues to grow until the first frost of the year, which, in North Carolina, is fairly late into the fall season. Pests like beetles and box elders are common and they can deposit larvae into the soil, meaning they could still be an issue into next spring. Grass will grow more slowly into the fall, so mowing less frequently will still prevent critters from hiding in your grass.

Fallen leaves are another place for pests to hide in the fall. There are a variety of pests that feed on dead leaves, but many others will use them as shelter or as a moisture source. Beetles, spiders, termites, rodents, roaches, and more are all attracted to fallen leaves. Rake them up and dispose of them regularly to prevent an infestation.

It’s important to minimize debris in general, too. Fallen branches, twigs, fruit, etc. will also attract pests looking for a hiding spot or nutrients. Make sure to rake up debris when raking leaves!

Another thing that is attractive to pests is weeds! Weeds, like grass, will still grow in the fall. They are a good food and moisture source for almost any pest. Weeding your yard and gardens into the fall will also stop any damage to your grass and greenery that could get worse in the winter, then surprise you in the spring!

If you water your grass, do not water it as much as the weather cools off. Pests of all sorts are attracted to moisture and standing water, and, since it isn’t growing as much as it does in the summer, your grass needs less water in the fall. In early fall, while it’s still warm, mosquitoes will also be attracted to water, and they are something that you do not want buzzing around your back patio at a fall barbecue! Get the Secrets to a Insect-Free Backyard Party

Taking care of your outdoor space will keep it pest free throughout the fall. Outdoor maintenance in the fall is also beneficial for your springtime workload. Take care of your outdoor living spaces in the fall so that you have less work to catch up on in the spring! Any pest prevention that you do outside aids in preventing outdoor pests from making their way into your home. Keep unwanted guests from entering your home by keeping them away from it!