Knowing what to expect from your pest control service provider produces a working partnership for pest awareness and serves as a year-round protection plan for families, homes, and pets. Keeping your home safe and free of pests should be one thing all homeowners add to their housekeeping check list.   May Exterminating wants to provide you with some helpful tips of what to expect before, during and after a visit from our technicians.


Before Visit


Pre-Service: Prior to the day of services, you should be informed of any preparation you are required to make before the technician arrives. Be sure to remove exposed food items, children’s toys, all surfaces should be clear of dishes and other items.


On-Time arrival: We understand how valuable our customer’s time is. As with any service professional, a specific time or time range should be provided.  Our technicians will call you prior to the visit to let you know an estimated time of arrival.  If for some reason they will be delayed, they will notify you promptly.  If our delay provides any interruption in your schedule, we will be happy to reschedule.


Pre-Service Communication: Make sure to have someone at the home the day of the visit. Before beginning service, the technician will discuss: What the pest problem is, what pests you have seen, and where you have seen them. 


Professional Appearance:  Our technicians are neat and friendly.  They wear collared shirts displaying their names and the company’s name, so you can identify them.


During Visit


Show Identification: All our technicians can provide company identification so you feel comfortable allowing them into your home.


Inspection & Identification: Our technician will take a comprehensive look around your property for pests or pest signs.  Identifying the type of pest Is the first step.  The technician will then show you what he has discovered. 


Treatment: All technicians will explain what treatment plan they recommend, what products they are using, and how it will work. You will be advised of areas to avoid until dry and other care instructions to be followed when the visit is complete.  This is a great time to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have.


After Visit


Post- Service Communication: Once treatment has been made, the technician will explain what has been done, where, and why.  Again, you will be advised of areas to avoid until dry and any other care instructions.


Recommendations: The technician will make recommendations for any action you need to take and/or any follow up needed.


Service Report: The technician will provide you with a written service report/invoice showing what was done during the visit.


Follow up: Regular maintenance and ongoing treatment is the best way to avoid further pest problems.  A service contract is available for quarterly visits, and our service technician can answer your questions and help you sign up for ongoing service.  


May Exterminating pest control service comes with a 30-day guarantee.  If you have any issues that arise within 30 days of our services, we will re-retreat you home for free.  We look forward to hearing from you.