A home should a safe space for you and your family.  At May Exterminating, we understand a family’s concerns for chemical agents and safety in the home.  Here’s why you can trust May Exterminating to keep your home pest-free while protecting your children and pets. 


No one wants insects in their home, but your first concern is the safety of your family and pets.  You want a treatment that is effective in killing bugs, but harmless to your everyday life.  At May Exterminating, we use EPA-Approved chemicals for all pest control situations.  Pest Control treatments used indoors are harmful to insects, but when dry are safe to the touch.  This insures that you and your family can continue your daily routine without the worries of pest invading your home.

Peace of Mind

We are committed to ridding your home of pests.  At times, there may be a higher concentration of pesticides used outside of your home.  We walk you through every step of treatment and what we apply both indoors and around the exterior of your home.  Our technicians will let you know what is being done and will answer any questions you have about treatments and best-practices for safety.  Be sure to ask your technician about pets or any health conditions that may be unusually sensitive to environmental conditions.

“I was impressed when the technician who visited our home assured me that the spray he was applying near baseboards would not absorb into skin after it was dry. There was no smell after the treatment and our pet bird was safe to stay in the house during their visit. Thanks, May Exterminating.” — Louise, Onslow County Homeowner]

Skilled Technicians

May Exterminators are always kept up to date on current methods of pest control.  We strive for excellence in education, knowledge, and comprehension of all field of pest control.

Guarantee of Service

Every home is guaranteed for 30 days post-treatment.  If the problem persists within 30 days of treatment, we will come back to your home and determine the best possible option to keep your home pest free.

May Exterminating is committed to helping your family.  We have proudly served our neighbors for over 50 years and want to continue that tradition of service with you.