Wintertime creates an opportunity for both pest control and for pests to take control.


During the winter, many pests go dormant, like cluster flies, boxelder bugs, and carpenter ants. They often hide out in warm attic spaces until the weather gets warm again. Once it’s warm, however, there is no stopping their invasion of your home.


These invasions require extensive pest control treatments. By dusting your attic areas in the winter, you can help keep these pests out of your home. Another attic tip—have pest control specialists come inspect your home, and especially your attic, to make sure you are on the right path to having a pest-free home year round.


Beyond those insects that cause problems when the spring comes, rodents and spiders are pests that can create issues in the winter. Like humans, they seek a warm place to stay when it is cold outside. To keep rats, mice, and spiders out of your house in the winter, make sure to pest-proof entry points.


Pests can enter your home in a lot of sneaky ways, but here are a few ways to stop their entry.

  • Put weatherstrips on doors and windows
  • Caulk and fill gaps in your home’s exterior
  • Change filters on your heating system
  • Insulate piping

It is also important to minimize how attractive your home is to critters. Of course, you will still keep the home at a warmer temperature, but reducing the food and garbage left out can deter pests. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Seal leftovers in airtight containers
  • Clean up your crumbs
  • Keep rooms tidy and dry