After severe weather, such as a hurricane, hits your area, there is a lot that you as a homeowner (or renter) need to consider. Understandably your top priority is assessing the damage to your property after the storm.

If you are asked to evacuate your house before a storm, you have no idea what you’ll be coming home to. Depending on how badly your area was hit, you might be left with a house full of water, or maybe the water has receded but the damage has already been done. If you are able to enter your house, you’re trying to evaluate each room and thinking about the struggle of renovations that now lies ahead of you. The last thing on your mind is pest management.

Unfortunately, pest management is a necessity after severe weather because certain pests will become more prominent. For example: after a hurricane, pests such as: mosquitoes, rodents, wildlife (snakes, raccoons), ants, cockroaches, carpenter ants, and termites are more prominent. If the power is out and water has gathered in your refrigerator/freezer, the combination of the pooled water and the spoiled food will attract flies and maggots.

After severe weather, you have enough to worry about without adding unwanted pests to the list. To minimize the pest issue after a storm it is recommended to:

  1. Clear out gutters and vents
  2. Keep as much wood debris away from the house as possible
  3. Seal cracks/holes outside your house
  4. Seal gaps around the windows and doors
  5. Call an exterminator if pests are found and are persistent

You have enough to worry about, let one of May Exterminating’s trained technicians take care of the pest management. Call 910-455-5888 for all your pest problems.