Living in the South, you’ve probably encountered different sizes or varieties of cockroaches. Because of the high humidity and heat, these creepy-crawlies love living in Eastern North Carolina.

Have you also heard of palmetto bugs and wondered what they are? Well, turns out… they’re actually just cockroaches. “Palmetto bug” is a regional term in the Southeastern US to refer to the different species of cockroaches that live here. Here are some cockroach varieties that you may encounter.  If it makes you feel better, feel free to call them palmetto bugs!

American Cockroaches – Periplanetaamericana

These roaches are dark brown, large, and have wings. Their backs are demarcated with a rim, like sunglasses. They’re drawn to damp spaces and fly toward light.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches – Periplaneta fuliginosa

A mahogany-colored critter that’s slightly smaller than the American cockroach. Smoky browns don’t have sunglasses markings and are uniformly dark. Like their relatives, they can fly, too.

Oriental Cockroaches – Blatta orientalis

Black and roughly two-thirds the size of American cockroaches, oriental cockroaches are also known as waterbugs. They’re approximately 1 inch long and are unable to fly. Regardless of which type of cockroach you see, you don’t want them in your house! Give May Exterminating a call if palmetto bugs are popping up around your home. We can help.