Spring is a time for rebirth and growth. While you may think of flowers blooming and baby birds chirping, it’s also a time for pests to increase activity. As you’re doing your spring updates to your garden and lawn, make sure to keep these pest-preventing tips in mind!

  1. Clean up your yard! When the inevitable springtime storm comes through, make sure to clean up debris the next day or as soon as possible. Fallen branches, leaves, and trash make great hiding spaces for pests to find shelter. Make your yard uninviting by minimizing debris.
  1. Make sure to mow. Tall grass and weeds are also appealing to critters! Insects, rodents and other pests can hide, nest, and begin wreaking havoc on your property sight unseen.  It’s always a good idea to keep your lawn trimmed.
  1. Don’t overwater. During the spring, plenty of rain typically falls in the Eastern North Carolina region. Nuisance pests are drawn to standing water. Water during dry spells, but avoid over-saturating your lawn and creating problems with standing water. 
  1. Watch for weeds. On top of being an eyesore, some weeds can attract specific pests, take nutrients away from your good plants, and irritate allergies. It’s best to weed regularly, especially in the springtime.

Of course, if you suspect a pest problem developing, we’re here to help.  Just give our friendly team a call.