With the ability to survive nuclear fallout, and quick breeding capabilities, cockroaches are one of the most infamous pests in Eastern North Carolina. They’re persistent and resilient, but not impossible to get rid of!

Cockroaches are unsanitary. Cockroaches can spread viruses, and carry bacteria and parasites from places they frequent like sewers or garbage cans. This makes them a threat, especially if they are in your kitchen and pantry. They can contaminate countertops, plates, sinks, and stored food. Roaches shed their skin and drop feces which can trigger asthma or breathing problems. They present a threat for your family’s health, especially if they multiply and infest your home.

Four common varieties of cockroaches found in North Carolina include:

  • The American Cockroach
  • The German Cockroach
  • Oriental Cockroach
  • Brown-banded cockroach

American Cockroaches are the largest of this list, and can grow to be over 3 inches long. Though, they rarely meet this potential and are typically between 1.5” to 2”. These roaches are a deep, red-toned brown with a lighter color outlining their body. American cockroaches are able to fly and have wings that are longer than the length of their body.


German Cockroaches are the most common invaders in homes, because they can squeeze their small bodies through the tiniest of cracks. They are much smaller than American cockroaches, and are around 0.5” long. German cockroaches are light brown, with two prominent black or dark brown stripes on their head. Like American cockroaches, German cockroaches have wings, and although they are able to fly, they typically do not.


Oriental Cockroaches grow to be about an inch in length. They are dark brown, almost black, with a smooth, shiny body. They prefer to live in dark, damp areas and release a musty, foul odor. Oriental cockroaches also have wings, but cannot fly. Image:https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/80/Blatta_orientalis_Trento_02.jpg/640px-Blatta_orientalis_Trento_02.jpg

Brown-banded Cockroaches are typically 0.5” long. Like their name suggests, they are tan with distinctive brown banding on their wings. Male brown-banded cockroaches can fly, but females, which have shorter, rounded bodies, are incapable of flight.

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