Buying a home is one of the most symbolic milestones of accomplishing the American dream. Potential buyers can be enamored with the features of the home and miss an insect problem that may be lurking beneath the surface.  Before you sign on the dotted line, a termite inspection will have been required by law.  It would be to your benefit to inspect for other pests as well – and then, get a second opinion from professionals.

When purchasing a new home, here are three steps to take to ensure you have a “No-Pest” move-in experience:

Step 1: Complete Your Own Inspection.

Eastern North Carolina is home to several common pests you are likely to encounter: Roaches, ants, and spiders. It’s even possible for previously owned homes to have fleas or bedbugs. Sadly, these critters typically make their presence well-known after the home is yours.  Here are places you can check to help spot potential pest problems:

Check spaces that haven’t been disturbed recently because they are hidden or if the home has been empty. 
Check for droppings, which are often left by cockroaches, spiders and mice.
Check for any leaks or gaps around the windows or rafters.  These are entry points pests love.

Step 2: Call in an Expert Opinion

If you come across any signs of pests, or just want a pro to verify your new home is pest-free before you move in, call May Exterminating.  Our technicians have tools and experience that help them recognize if insects or other pests may be in the home.  May Exterminating does free estimates and can advise you of any areas to watch. By catching the issues before the moving truck shows up, you can avoid bigger headaches if pests invade your personal belongings.

Step 3: Establish Your Personal Pest Control Plan

Whether you find any problems on your initial inspection or not, establishing a plan for regular pest control should be on your to-do list right after homeowner’s insurance.  Not only will it prevent unwanted tenants, but it will help keep your family and home safe.  Quarterly pest control treatments are different than annual termite inspections.

Termite inspections are conducted annually to ensure that wood-destroying insects do not damage your home’s structure.  Pest control services are conducted every 3 months to keep pests out.  May Exterminating uses modern treatments that are effective for insects and safe for people.  Once dry, treated areas are safe for children and pets.

Becoming a home owner is rewarding and a responsibility. One way to ensure you are getting the best possible experience in your new home is to ensure your family are the only residents in the house!   A few steps at the beginning can save you headaches and expenses later on.  For help or more information, contact May Exterminating.