We hear “New Year” and think of new chances and new opportunities… but, pests don’t see it that way. No matter the season or holiday, pests can find new ways to enter your home and cause problems. Termites are one of the most common and damaging pests year-round. Here are some ways to prevent termite damage in your home, no matter the season. 

Keep Wood Away 

Stacking firewood close to your home might be convenient, but it’s not a good idea. Termites find it to be a great source of food, and it will lure them closer to your home. To keep termites from having easy passage and a ready source of nutrition, make sure to store firewood, lumber, and all wood, in general, several feet away from your home.  Keep wood out of your crawlspaces and attics. 

Let it Drain 

Moisture is another alluring element for termites. Clean your gutters often, make sure downspouts are pointed away from your home, and check that your faucets or air conditioning systems aren’t pooling any water around your foundation. This helps prevent termite issues and helps protect your home’s foundation. 

Use Mulch Carefully 

Wood mulch is a common landscaping product that can give your home extra curb appeal, but, when used in excess, wood mulch can create an environment perfect for termites. Make sure to rake back mulch at least 4 inches from your foundation to discourage termites from inhabiting.  

Trim your greenery 

Like firewood and mulch, having your shrubs, trees, and bushes too close to your home makes an easy path into your home for wandering termites. Overgrown greenery can also act as a shelter for termites and other pests. Keep greenery trimmed and away from your home’s surface.  Keep tree branches from reaching over the roofline to prevent debris on your roof and in gutters.  

Contact May Exterminating 

Give us a call. We can conduct regular inspections of your home, note any areas of concern you may need to address and treat it accordingly. Contacting the experts is a foolproof way to prevent termites from damaging your home.