North Carolina has a plethora of flora and fauna adding to the natural beauty of our state.  We specialize in all things pests, but we know how to appreciate the beauty in the ones that are beneficial. One of the most amazing specimens in our area are the arachnids (spiders.)

Have no fear, while they may look sinister, not all of them are harmful.  In fact, some can help keep your home pest free.

  1. Friend:  Meet Argiope Aurantia.  This Black and Yellow Garden spider is a common sight in the garden.  With their distinct web styles boasting jagged white lines, these spiders trap pesky insects and can be helpful to your home.  They are not known to be aggressive. If you are bitten, there might be swelling and tenderness; but it would be less painful than a bee sting.
  2. Friend: Wolf Spiders can look menacing but are very beneficial to the household. The Wolf Spider’s main diet consists of pests and insects that are bothersome; but with their brown, furry bodies, their appearance can be frightening.  These spiders are not aggressive but will react if threatened – most likely by retreating.  To add to their frightening appearance, they carry hundreds of spiderlings on their body that will spread the moment you attempt to kill a mother Wolf Spider
  3. Foe: The Black Widow has a distinct color and body structure, and red dots on its body make it quickly recognizable.  Although they might not be “deadly,” the bite of the black widow can be painful and cause further complications. Anti-venoms are available for anyone bitten. Black widows like to nest in small convenient locations untouched by humans, so check unworn shoes, boxes, woodpiles, and crawl spaces. 

  4. Friend: The Marbled Orbweaver, or commonly known as the Pumpkin Spider, is a truly gorgeous arachnid with its multiple colors.  Often, it can be found with a bright orange color in the colder autumn months, therefore dubbed the “Pumpkin Spider,” but the colors can vary.  It is safe for humans and will eat all the pesky bugs that fly into its web.  

The spiders in our area can become too much to count.  Don’t get caught off guard with the one you don’t recognize.  Refer to the website SpiderID.Com for a wonderful image guide to most of the common spiders in our area.  If you are still concerned, contact a professional before dealing with a true arachnid infestation.