When it’s warm and humid, the air feels thick and uncomfortable. You’re hot, sweating, and spending time in the cool air conditioning is one of the only ways to escape the humidity. During rainy seasons and in the wake of a big storm, sometimes that moisture can enter your safe haven. How can you keep your home cool and dry?

Keep Air Flowing

Use fans and air conditioners to keep air moving throughout your space. Good circulation will help disperse the moisture in the air. Air conditioners will also actively remove the hot, humid air. 

Check for Leaks

Especially after a storm, check for a leaky roof or a leak in your plumbing. These can create extra moisture in your home and can cause damage to the home itself, as well as your belongings. Pooling water can also attract pests like mosquitoes, so it’s best to inspect your home immediately after storms.

Add Humidity Absorbing Plants

Did you know some plants can decrease the humidity in your space? Pick up one of these plants to reduce moisture in your home: Boston fern, English ivy, peace lily, palms, orchids, and spider plants are just a few of the plants that can improve the air in your home. 

Purchase Moisture Solutions

Investing in a dehumidifier may be necessary if you have recurring humidity problems in your home. In smaller spaces where you’d just like to eliminate humidity seasonally or occasionally, try a product like DampRid to collect excess moisture.