If your home has a crawlspace, it’s important not to allow moisture to build up. Low humidity levels are vital to the long term health of your home. They will keep your family healthy by eliminating exposure to mold and mildew. Low moisture will deter pests like termites from swarming your crawl space and the frame of your home, and low moisture will prevent wood rot and insulation damage.

What causes excess moisture in your crawlspace?Excess moisture can come from a variety of issues.  Humid air that is trapped, moisture from showers, or leaking fixtures are common reasons for moisture build up.  If you think you may have a moisture problem in your crawl space, call May Exterminating for help.

Our experts will take extensive moisture readings underneath your home to determine if the moisture content exceeds the recommended level of 19-20% in your crawl space wood members. If there is a high moisture content noted in the readings, your technician will inform you and recommend next steps to protect the wood structures.

May Exterminating’s moisture control services can help you remove excess moisture and ensure that moisture remain in safe levels moving forward.  This may include the timely installation of a dehumidifier for your crawlspace. Once a dehumidifier is installed, technicians will seal off the affected space. This appliance reduce the moisture and humidity in your crawl space, keeping it at appropriately low levels.

Following the installation of a dehumidifier, our team will return for a follow-up visit a month later. During this visit, they will take new measurements of the moisture content in your crawlspace to ensure that the problem is resolved and moisture levels are stable.

Keeping excess moisture from building up under your house in a crawl space is important for the structural safety and health of your home and family.  Your home is safest when it’s pest-free and mold/mildew-free. Contact May Exterminating today to schedule an inspection of your crawlspace and for peace of mind.