Chimneys and fireplaces are hotspots for warmth, which makes them attractive to rodents in the cold wintertime. Rodents will recognize the heat coming from your house and see the access point of the chimney as the perfect way to enter your home. They can find other ways inside, too, via cracks in your mortar.

So, how can you keep rodents out?

You can purchase a chimney cap to make it more difficult for rodents to come inside that way. You should also inspect your fireplace for cracks and holes, or hire an expert to do so. Experts can assess all potential vulnerabilities in your home for rodents to keep your home pest free in the winter.

Other ways to keep rodents from entering your home and fireplaces are:

  • Trimming tree limbs and ivy
  • Keeping greenery away from your foundation
  • Seal the gaps around pipes, window sills, and under doors
  • Store your firewood away from your house
  • Seal your food (and your pets’ food) in airtight containers
  • Clean your house regularly, especially the kitchen, where food is prone to being spilt and crumbs are common

It is also always a good idea to consult your pest control provider for personalized tips to prevent rodents from coming into your house in any season.