Hurricane season is here again.  While most folks know hurricanes can cause damage to their homes, many are unaware of the dangers hurricane season brings to their homes in terms of pests. Yes, pests.  Seasonal hurricanes and tropical storms stir up all kinds of pests, from insects to rodents and racoons. When the storm passes, these critters can be disoriented, relocated or homeless and looking for shelter.   Here are a few things you can do to help keep your home pest-free before, during, and after a hurricane.

Inspect and Seal

As hurricane season looms over us, take advantage of the calm before the storm! Ensure that all cracks, crevices, and holes in your home are sealed to prevent pests from entering. Any pre-existing structural issues could be worsened by a storm, so it’s best to keep your home in prime shape before any storms come rolling in.  If you need help, contact a member of May Exterminating’s team for a thorough examination of your home.

Prevent Excess Moisture in your Home

Use exhaust fans when cooking and in bathrooms. Seal air and duct leaks. Install a moisture barrier. Moisture can draw pests into your home at any time, so making sure you have moisture under control prior to a storm is important.

Drain Standing Water

Standing water is attractive to mosquitoes and other insects. Drain gutters, pools, and bird baths before and after storms to prevent insects from breeding on your property.

Seal Trash Containers

Garbage contains food particles and scraps, which provide an easy “buffet” of food sources for pests. Properly seal your garbage bags and trash cans to reduce the attraction of flies and to prevent other critters from raiding the garbage. Be especially mindful in the event of a hurricane that causes power outages, as there will be an increase in spoiling food to attract pests.

Check for Structural Damage

It’s important to identify and repair any structural damages to your home after a storm. Holes in your roof, broken windows, or damaged siding all allow water and pests to enter your home.

Check for Water Damage

Once it’s safe, after a hurricane, check for water damage on your property. Moisture attracts harmful pests like termites and ants. Contact May Exterminating for moisture control services and to exterminate an infestation if you encounter one.

Hurricane season is a season to be prepared.  Making sure your home is in prime condition ahead of significant storms protects your home and helps keep it pest-free.