Easter is a celebration of rebirth, new life, and springtime! It’s one of the first holidays of the year to spend with your family outdoors, and Easter egg hunts are a fun, family-friendly activity to enjoy the warm weather. While these hunts for treats and trinkets are sweet moments and memories, you may encounter something else along the way: pests.

What can you do to make your Easter egg hunt pest-free?

Prep Your Yard

Mow the grass and get rid of any debris to make your yard less inviting to pests. It’s also a good idea to inspect the ground for any ant hills, especially fire ants! Ensure there is adequate drainage in your grass as mosquitoes and gnats are drawn to standing water.

Bug Spray

It’s never a bad idea to spray yourself and your family with bug spray before spending time outside! You can also purchase or make insect deterrent sprays for the yard and your plants to add additional protection.

Secure the Sugar

Insects like sugar almost as much as the kids do! When placing candy and treats throughout the yard for the hunt, make sure they are appropriately wrapped and are secured in those eggs.

Have Easy Access Garbage

Place a garbage can in a visible and easily accessible place. Throw away any plates, candy wrappers, or accidentally dropped food immediately to keep critters away. By placing the garbage in a convenient spot, guests will be more prone to dispose of any garbage quickly.

Make Sure All Eggs are Found!

Keep a list of where you put all the eggs or count how many you’re hiding. In case not all are found, make a quick round of the yard to collect the extra eggs. Any candy left in your yard could attract pests and cause problems for future family gatherings!