When first considering pest control, you may wonder if it’s healthy and beneficial. Here’s the good news:  Pest control service by May Exterminating will help your family lead happier, healthier lives in your home.

Reduces Exposure to Diseases and Pathogens

Pests like rodents, mosquitos, and cockroaches are just a few of the creatures that carry disease and can find their way into your home. Roaches can trigger asthma and allergy problems. By having a pest control service inspect your home and treat it regularly, you’re protecting your family from a variety of health risks like hantavirus, E. coli, and salmonella.

Saves Money

Think of pest control as a form of insurance for your home. While it costs a little to regularly treat your home, being protected means you won’t get hit with bigger more costly problems. Having May Exterminating maintain your home’s pest control gives you peace of mind and reduces the likelihood of an infestation getting out of control. 

A Happier Home

You already know the nuisance that bug bites and stings can be! Your whole family will appreciate a home without bed bugs, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, and spiders. And really, does anyone sleep well after seeing a cockroach climb up the wall?  Having pest control experts take care of your home will keep you happy, healthy, and comfortable, year-round.

If you’re ready to get started, call May Exterminated today to get monthly or quarterly pest control services scheduled for your home. We know you’ll sleep better at night.