Keeping a clean home as a pet owner can be difficult, but it’s not impossible! Having a clean house is our #1 pest prevention tip, so keeping up with these chores is key for pest-free living.

Here are some strategies to help you spend less time cleaning and more time playing with your fur babies.

Keep your pet clean

A monthly wash helps minimize the amount of dirt and dander left on your carpets and furniture. If your pet has sensitive skin, make bath time every 6 weeks instead.

Keep your Pet Supplies Clean

Wash toys, bedding, food bowls, and food mats regularly with soap and hot water. You can use an upholstery attachment to vacuum dog beds.

Keep Supplies Handy

Keep pet supplies in your mudroom or entryway. Have supplies easily accessible so you get the most benefit out of them. Things like grooming brushes and towels to lay down during rainy weather only help when used.

Use Doormats

Doormats inside and out can help catch dirt before it gets tracked inside by little paws.

Keep your pet well-groomed

There is more to grooming than a bath. Regular brushing helps reduce shedding and trimming nails every 4-6 weeks protects your floors and furniture.

Remember Flea Prevention

Set a phone reminder to give flea prevention medicine or change flea collars. It’s easier to prevent a flea infestation than it is to treat one.

Protect and Clean Your Furniture

Tightly woven fabric or leather furniture is the best for resisting pet hair. If you’re in the market for new furniture, choosing a color similar to your pet’s coat can help disguise pet hair that will inevitably end up on the couch. You can use machine washable throw blankets to drape over and protect furniture.

Vacuum, Lint Roll, Repeat

The best way to keep pet hair from completely taking over the house is to quickly run the vacuum daily, even if it’s just in areas your pet likes to hang out. Lint rollers are amazing for removing pet hair from clothing and couch pillows.

For other ways to keep your home pest-free, download our New Homeowner Guide.