For anyone who has pets it’s safe to say they’re just like any other member of the family. You take care of them, spend time with them, you love them, and you do your very best to keep them safe and protected. May Exterminating understands the sensitive nature of entering the space of residents who have pets.


Thankfully, most pest control techniques performed by professionals are not harmful to your pets and treated surfaces are safe once dry. Drying could take an hour or two. We use low-concentrated solutions that are safe for people and pets but strong enough to eliminate pests.


However, since pets tend to be curious, its best to keep them contained so they don’t accidentally get into something when they shouldn’t. Cats and dogs should be crated or moved to a secondary location during treatment and drying times.  Fish, birds, and reptiles should have their cages or tanks safely covered during treatment and kept in their cage or tank until drying is complete.


At May Exterminating we use EPA-approved chemicals in our pest control services, which are easy on your family but tough on the pests inside your home. To deal with pests on the exterior of your house, we apply powerful treatments and keep you informed on the best ways to keep your family safe throughout the process. 


You can learn more about how the EPA assesses and classifies pesticide risks at https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-science-and-assessing-pesticide-risks/overview-risk-assessment-pesticide-program.