Have you noticed ants in your car? Usually, if ants are found in a vehicle it’s because the ants are foraging for food. This doesn’t mean that they intend to make your car their home, but that they will be there to get food as long as they find a supply.

The supply may be crumbs from your granola bar, a fry that fell between your center console and chair, or your morning smoothie that spilled in the cupholder. Whatever it is, ants are there for it and won’t leave until it’s gone.

If you’ve got an ant problem in your car, here’s what you can do:

Move the Car (if possible)

Parking under a tree or near shrubs may put your vehicle at risk of being invaded by ants. If you can switch spots at work or in your apartment complex, it may help.

Clear out Your Car

We know, cars can get cluttered… especially if you have kids or pets! Clutter can hide food sources though, so it’s time to clear it out. Take out anything that doesn’t belong in your car and toss any garbage or food wrappers you find.


This is the most important step in removing the ants from your vehicle. Try to be as thorough as you can while vacuuming because you’ll hopefully be getting both ants and crumbs. Spend extra time in the corners and crevices where ants can hide. Once you’re done, clean your vacuum outside so you don’t risk letting ants indoors. Either throw away your vacuum bag, or empty it in a trash bag, close it, and throw it directly into the bin outside.

Clean the Surfaces

Using an all-purpose cleaner or a product made specifically for detailing vehicles, spray and clean the interior surfaces of your car including cupholders, vents, and the area around door handles. Pay special attention to anywhere a drink could have been spilled.

Place Ant Baits

In addition to cleaning your vehicle, you can tackle your ant problem with ant baits. You can find ant baits at your local hardware store. Simply follow your product’s directions and place around your car.

It can be frustrating but try to be patient and follow-up with more cleaning when you can. If the ant problem persists, contact us to have your home inspected and treated by our pest control specialists.