May Exterminating Technician's face-off with a variety of pests every day.  From termites and fleas to mice, racoons and more…  each critter presents unique challenges.  The job of the pest control technician has its hazards.  Here are a few challenges our technicians face every day. 


Surprisingly enough, man’s best friend can be a major challenge to a visiting May Exterminating Technician.  Most homeowners help keep their pet dogs under control while we inspect and treat their home, but every now and then, a dog will gain the upper hand.  There have been a few dog bites in our workdays.


Sometimes a Tech must deal with a slithery opponent.  Crawl spaces and areas behind thicker bushes are notorious hiding places.  So far, there’s been one snake bite on record with a May Exterminator.  We take our job of protecting your home seriously, but we prefer to do so without running into snakes whenever we can! 


Stinging insects can prove to be difficult to take care of.  In our southern climate, we have plenty of wasps.  Wasp infestations can be tricky, but our technicians will step up to the task, even if they have to shake up the wasps nest, so to speak. 

Surprised Homeowners

Sometimes, a homeowner can actually be the hazard!  We take pride in our efforts to communicate with customers and provide reminders of an upcoming visit, but sometimes messages can be missed.  A technician can arrive at a home he expects to be empty but instead find a shocked, gun-wielding homeowner.  Rare, but true story…

Whatever the challenge, we’re committed to your home being pest-free for your family’s enjoyment.  May Exterminating Technicians have gone to the great lengths to take care of our clients, and we will do the same for you.