You know the creepy feeling… the anxiety you feel when you enter the garage after dark. The lights flash on, your eyes dart around, and amongst the clutter you see them scurrying to hide.

Keeping pests out of the garage and the many things you have stored there can be a challenge, but it can be done.  We’re here to help you lose the anxiety and the critters.

Prevention tips:

  • Weather stripping deteriorates and becomes damaged over time, especially when exposed to the elements.  Check the weather stripping in your garage and replace any that is worn.  Heavy duty weather stripping will prevent a lot of issues by closing cracks and openings where bugs can crawl in and take up residence.
  • Garage doors can become off balanced and not shut properly. Test your garage doors and make sure they are closing all the way to the concrete floor.  When working out of a garage, we tend to leave our door open for a long periods of time giving those unwanted guests an opportunity to move in.  Be mindful of your garage door staying open for too long.
  • Deep cleaning is a great place to start. Removing clutter that can attract long term bug tenants is important in keeping your garage pest free. In addition to general clutter, remove any old cardboard, newspaper or other products that provide a warm place to hide.  Remove any food or pet food products or seal them in air-tight containers. 

Treatment Options

  • Quarterly Pest Control Treatment is an effective and low-cost option to keep your entire home and garage free of pests. If you’re seeing insects in the garage, there’s a good chance they’re making their way into other parts of your home through attic spaces, ventilation or crawlspaces.  Contact May Exterminating for a same-day pest control service to put your mind at ease.
  • Trap placement makes a “bug” difference when it comes to treatment. Store-bought traps are helpful, but a professional will know the best places to put them for maximum results. 

Spring will soon be upon us; and with our changing Carolina weather insects are looking for food and shelter. A spring cleaning of the garage is a good idea, especially if pests are already a problem. Don’t be afraid to go into your own garage anymore.

For pest control advice and help, give us a call.  We’ll take care of it for you.