No one loves fleas. They jump, they crawl, they bite.  They annoy your pets and if they get into your home, they will bite you and your family, too.  A flea infestation can be dealt with, but it’s even better if you can prevent it from happening at all.  

Preventative Measures

It is always best to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to any pest infestation, so take the necessary steps today while it is still somewhat early in peak flea season.

Treat your pet with anti-flea and tick medication early.  If your animal likes to spend time outdoors, speak to your veterinarian for the best treatment to help deter fleas from taking up residence in their fur and biting them.

Keep your yard trimmed. Tall grass makes it easier for fleas to access your pets.  It also encourages other feral animals to live in your yard and many bring fleas with them.

Regular pest control and inspections can help prevent fleas from surviving and reproducing in your home.  A professional from May can spot signs, give you advice and provide a preventative treatment plan for all pests, including fleas. 

Flea life cycles from egg to larvae to adulthood can be up to 18-25 days.  That’s a short lifecycle for reproduction.  And a single female flea can lay over 4,000 eggs!

Fleas are in my House

Start with the source.  Fleas are most likely coming into your home on your pet.  It’s pointless to treat your home without also treating your pet.  And your pet would appreciate some relief!

Fleas are more active in spring and can hitch a ride indoors after your pet plays outside or is in contact with another animal that has fleas.  If your pet has brought fleas into your home, take steps to remove them and their hiding places:

  • Speak to your veterinarian about the best flea treatment medication and apply it.
  • Throw away old pet bedding that may be infested.
  • Fleas prefer carpet over upholstery.  Call May Exterminating to treat carpeted areas in your home.  Follow recommended regimen for vacuuming up fleas and eggs.  Expect to vacuum several times over a few weeks.  Be sure to empty your vacuum residue into an outdoor container.
  • Steam clean the carpet and upholstery if desired.
  • Wash and clean linens.

Contact us for help with removing fleas if you have an infestation.  May Exterminating has successfully helped homeowners with heavily infested houses over the years.  Don’t let fleas take a bite out of your spring and summer fun!