Nothing drives sales like the customer experience.  #nobugsplease! 

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh. It’s also when weather warms and inactive insects return to weaving webs and making nests. For your store, spring cleaning may involve changing inventory, decluttering and organizing.  Everything’s great until you move a box and find it has a hole chewed in it or find a trail of black dots indicating a two-lane pest highway in your store. 

You always want your customers to have a great experience with you. If they see spiders, ants or roaches, they do not have a great experience.  They feel like your store is filthy (even if it isn’t).  They’re less likely to buy today or return tomorrow.  That’s not good for sales.

Since most pests like dark, hidden places, the storeroom may be where you first see an indication if there’s a problem.   Here are some suggestions to help you keep a pest free environment for you and your patrons.

What to look for? 

  1. “Waste Management"  
    Stacked boxes and other clutter creates a haven for pests.  Dead bugs or bug waste found on window ledges, on the floor, or under stacked items are evidence of a problem.  If there are multiple sightings of the same species or waste is a good sign they live on the property.
  2. Nesting Material
    Nesting evidence is a good indicator of pests!  Rats and mice will make nests out of anything that is available.  Search carefully checking behind boxes, appliances, and in dark areas.  Look for chewed boxes, paper or string.
  3. Roaches in Daylight
    Cockroaches are nocturnal; so, if you see multiple movement during the day, it’s likely there’s a larger infestation.

What You Can Do

  • Maintenance and Preventative Care
    Keeping up with strict cleaning routines and regular de-cluttering can help prevent an infestation. 
  • Cut Off the Water
    Roaches need water to survive, even more than food. Make sure there is no standing water in the restrooms, kitchen, or under cabinets. Check for leaks in plumbing or around windows sills, doors, etc.
  • Lounge Tidily
    Keep the Employee Lounge Clean. Make sure food is not left open. Put sugar and other food products in sealed containers. Sweep the floors to keep food out of reach of pests.
  • Close the Gaps
    Check for openings in walls, around pipes, broken seals around windows and doors.  Most pests can enter your location through very small openings.
  • Call a Pro
    Pest control services are a low-cost way to keep your retail location pest-free for customers.  If you spot issues or just want to prevent them in the first place, May Exterminating uses treatments that are safe for humans, pets and service dogs.

You’ve got a business to run. The last thing you need to worry about is pests that can damage your reputation with customers. The most effective approach is preventative care and scheduled pest-control treatments.  The professionals at May Exterminating can help you identify any problems, resolve them, and keep pests at bay with quarterly maintenance allowing you to do what you do best – run your business.

Call 910-455-5888 and we’ll handle the bugs.