Coastal North Carolina homeowners are no strangers to humidity. Moisture can creep its way into your home year-round, and unfortunately, pests follow moisture. Spiders, cockroaches, termites, and centipedes are just a few of the pests attracted to humid areas. Let’s look at a few ways to prevent your home from accruing too much moisture. 

Invest in a dehumidifier. 

Buying a dehumidifier is a quick way to rid your home of excess moisture. Smaller dehumidifiers are more budget-friendly and appropriate for slightly high levels of moisture, but more significant issues may require a heftier solution. May Exterminating offers assessments and dehumidifiers for crawl spaces to help protect your home.  

Opening doors and windows.  Install quality exhaust fans. 

In spaces like bathrooms where steam and moisture accumulate, cracking the window to let steam and moisture escape is a great way to minimize the impact in the space. This can be helpful during some seasons.  Investing in a quality exhaust fan prevents moisture build-up, year-round.  Some models even measure and monitor the humidity levels in your bathrooms. 

Try humidity absorbing houseplants. 

Some houseplants can absorb the humidity in your space. Peace lilies, English ivy, and air plants are examples of plants that can reduce moisture in your home.  

Use baking soda. 

For small areas, a bowl of baking soda can help absorb excess moisture in the air.  

Ventilate and circulate! 

Bathrooms and kitchens have built-in fans, but using ceiling fans or floor fans to help circulate the air in other areas of your home can help reduce moisture.  During periods of high humidity, circulating the air in your home also helps keep it more comfortable. 

Purchase moisture absorbers. 

Products like DampRid are helpful in collecting moisture in your home. They contain a salt brine solution which pools excess moisture inside their containers. These products are affordable and can be found at most grocery or hardware stores.  

These home remedies may help to alleviate minor moisture problems in your home, but, if humidity persists, May Exterminating offers moisture control services that can help you remove excess moisture and ensure that moisture remain in safe levels moving forward. We install one of the most popular dehumidifiers on the market, the Santa Fe Compact70, that is both powerful and space-saving. We also offer automatic temp-vent installation to help control moisture build up in your home.

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