Common household bugs are often overlooked when it comes to thinking of dangerous bugs. Flies are typically thought of as one of the least harmful bugs, however even flies have dangers to be aware of. The following is a list of common household bugs with hidden dangers:

Flies: Flies walk on some of the dirtiest surfaces imaginable. This means when they land on your food, so do all the germs and bacteria that are on their legs from all the surfaces they have landed on. This causes your food to become contaminated and can spread diseases. Next time you swat a fly walking on your food – think about if you really want to eat it.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes feed off of our blood. Some people have bad reactions to mosquito bites while others barely notice they were bit. Those who have bad reactions typically experience raised red, and itchy bumps where they were bit. While mosquito bites are typically just thought to be annoying – not harmful – their bites can be very dangerous. Mosquitoes spread diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, Zika, and more.

Bees & Wasps: Bee stings are never fun; they can cause burning or itching to the area of the sting. For most people bee stings are just a nuisance, they are painful and can ruin your mood (a romantic picnic in the park becomes less romantic when one of you is in pain from a bee sting). For other people however, they are more afraid of a bee sting than anything else. There are some people who are allergic to bee stings and run the risk of anaphylaxis or even death from one sting.

Ants: Ants are another insect that is typically thought to be harmless. Unfortunately, that is not true. Similar to flies, ants can contaminate the foods we eat. There are some ants that are more harmful than others. For example, a fire ant bite will cause red, itchy bumps to form on the skin. Most times people get bit by fire ants because they stepped, sat, or laid down on a fire ant hill without knowing – meaning you’re going to be bit by more than one ant, causing a lot of discomfort.

Termites: Termites are tiny but dangerous. Without routine termite inspections, an infestation can go unnoticed until serious damage is done. Termites eat through the wood, damaging the structural integrity of the building/home.

Calling an exterminator to take care of common household pests is your safest option. If you have an infestation of any kind, call 910-455-5888 and one of May Exterminating’s trained technicians will be happy to assist you.