See a butterfly on a finger – “Awww, how cute!”  See a cockroach on a finger – “Ewww, how gross!”  It just doesn’t give us warm fuzzies.  We love to hate cockroaches.

During colder months of the year, residents of the southeast get a welcome reprieve from mosquitos and a few other insects. But the unwelcome cockroach comes seeking warmth in the comfort of your home. 

While they’re looking for a warm place to love, here are a few tips to keep them at bay during cold days and nights.

  • Tidy up – Cockroaches seek warmth during cold weather.  They can find it in clutter. Don’t leave papers piled up, empty boxes, or dirty laundry on the floor, these places are like cockroach saunas.
  • No Standing Water – Cockroaches are cold blooded.  They can live without food for quite some time but only about a week without water. Getting rid of standing water in the garage, basement, or under the sink removes something they need to live in your home.  You can also plug sink drains to prevent them from accessing water in pipes.
  • Clean up Food – These pesky bugs need water more often, but food is a key attractor for them. Avoid leaving dirty plates in the sink overnight.  Make sure you keep all sugars, flour, and other loose food items in a sealed container.  Sweep regularly to keep food residue off the floor.
  • Cut Off Entries – What these little bugs want is the warmth and comfort of your home, so keep them from getting in. Seal entry ways, replace old weather stripping, check cracks in baseboards, and inspect around a/c units.
  • Plug the Tub – Drains are an easy way for cockroaches to creep into your home. Keeping the drains plugged, especially overnight, prevents them from having easy access. 

Cockroaches can be persistent.  They are hard to crush, can hold their breath for 30 minutes under water and can live without a head for a week.  “Ewww, how gross!” – is right.  We love to hate them and don’t want them in our homes.  Take precautions to keep them out, and give us a call if you need help getting and keeping them out.