August 17th, 2019 is World Honey Bee Day! Every third Saturday of August, people from all over the world celebrate honey bees and beekeepers. It’s a day to bring awareness to the benefits and environmental needs of these interesting insects.

Benefits of Honey Bees


Honey bees are the only insects to provide food consumed by humans. Honey has long been used for its taste and health benefits. Many home remedies call for honey to soothe sore throats and suppress the urge to cough. It can also be used in first aid because it is naturally antibacterial and aids in the wound-healing process. Honey bees also produce beeswax, which is used in candles, cosmetic products, furniture polish, as a waterproofing agent, and so much more! Providing honey isn’t the only way honey bees help us agriculturally. Bees play a critical roll in pollination. Pollination helps crop quality and significantly improves crop yield.

Environmental Needs


Honey bees have been in crisis for over a decade. Whole colony losses have been happening at an extraordinary rate. The reasons for these losses are thought to be a complex mix of factors including habitat loss, Colony Collapse Disorder, pests, pathogens, poor nutrition, and viruses.

There is hope! Together, we can make changes and live in harmony with our flying friends.

How to Observe World Honey Bee Day


World Honey Bee Day is meant to spread awareness about the honey bee crisis and to encourage action all over the world. Here are ways you can help on August 17th.

1. Tell a friend about the honey bee crisis
2. Plant a bee-friendly garden
3. Support your local beekeeper – buy their honey and beeswax products
4. Or start your own honeybee hive!

Honey bees are incredible insects that deserve our appreciation all year, but especially on World Honey Bee Day!

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