Tis the season to be thankful. And living in coastal North Carolina, we have much to be thankful for. At May Exterminating, we are extremely thankful for our family, friends, coworkers and our customers.  This may sound odd, but we are also thankful for insects.  Well, some of them at least!

Some insects cause harm to crops, people and animals.  But some insects do a great bit of good for our environment, food supply and state.   Here are a few “Hall of Fame” Bugs we can share with you. 


Not only a beautiful little critter to look at, these insects are a gardener’s co-worker.  One of their main food sources are other insects, many of whom cause harm to garden plants.  Ladybugs live in harmony with flora, not disturbing precious items that have been tenderly planted. 


This one is controversial, but there are certain spiders you want to keep around.  They become the first line of defense from other pests like flies or moths.  Orb Weaver Spiders create large, intricate webs that collect moths, beetles, flies, and even wasps.  Jumping spiders and sac spiders are beneficial to our homes as well.

Bumble & Honey Bees

Their faint buzz is often confused with other nefarious insects like wasps or hornets, and the fear of a sting can drive anyone to squash these bugs.  Typically, bees are very harmless when left alone, only stinging when they feel threatened or provoked.  Bees are extremely important to the environment for their expertise in pollination of food crops for humans and animals.

Praying Mantis

Easily the most interesting looking bug on our list, the praying mantis is a super soldier for your home!  It will attack any bug in its path without hesitation, including the very unwanted ones like cockroaches, beetles, wasps, and so many more.  The praying mantis doesn’t do any harm to a garden that it may claim as home.  They are an excellent example of beneficial insects that are best left to do what they do.

We understand that the world of bugs can be difficult to navigate, especially trying to know which ones are beneficial to our environment.  Do your best with through research when trying to figure out if the bug is a threat or not.  We know the pesky insects well, but we also know these amazing are ones we can be thankful for.